Juniors Brian Yuan and Erik Nelson manage History meme page

Thea Bertolini

Where did you get the inspiration to start the account?

Yuan: I started the account with two goals in mind – to spread history memes and to make money, if I’m being honest.

Nelson: I hopped on the account later, when we were at like 200 followers, just to help run it.

Why did you guys decide to do it together?

Yuan: He was being annoying and asked me for assistance and it’s easier to have two people running the account.

Nelson: Persistence is key.

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How do you divide up the work?

Yuan: Usually Erik does a lot of the posting and I do a lot of answering DMs and a lot of the business side. Erik does the legal issues that sometimes you have to run into.

Nelson: There’s a lot of tax stuff.

How much money do you guys make?

Yuan: We started the account two years ago. Since then we did ads for about a good year and we ended up getting about ($1,000 to $2,000) off of those. Just last month we started a drop-shipping business model where we sell merch that’s in the same niche as our page and so far we’ve got about ($4,000 to 5,000) revenue.

Where did the inspiration for the merch come from?

Yuan: People were honestly asking about it. Sales kind of took off, which was surprising and we just continued to sell it.

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Where do you hope this account goes in the future?

Yuan: We just want to expand and we want to become big. Growth is slow and steady.

Nelson: I want to have about 100,000 followers by the end of the school year and I want to see it eventually come to 500,000.