Senate shuts down all events due to COVID-19 outbreak


Student body president Madeline “Maddie” Heath addresses the Senate SRT. Senate has shut down alongside the rest of the school.

Uday Lomada

With COVID-19 in Indiana and CHS closing down, Senate has, until further notice, discontinued any future events.

“Everything like March Madness and the blood drive is on hold since we are waiting for new information.” Michelle Foutz, Senate sponsor and Economics teacher, said. “We are playing it by ear.”

“As a senior it definitely is sad because even though many of the big events are earlier in the year, I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see the Senate room again,” Nina Metaxas, senate member and senior, said.

One concern Foutz and Metaxas both shared was how future elections will be held and whether the election schedule will have to be adjusted.

“We know we will have elections after spring break and we’ll just have to put that together and figure it out once we get back,” Foutz said. “The petitions are supposed to be ready to be picked up the week we get back but I don’t know if we’ll be back by then.”

“If we don’t get to come back for this school year, I think we will have to hold the elections like how we hold the freshman elections,” Metaxas said. “We would hold the Student Body president and Speaker of the House ones first early in next school year and then the Senate positions after, but nothing’s set right now.”

“It’s a scary for everyone right now to consider what is going on but for now I think we can manage,” Metaxas said.