CHS House of Representatives Events Canceled

Q&A with Deion Ziwawo, Speaker of the House and Senior


Speaker of the House Deion Ziwawo leads a group of dancers at Dance Marathon on March 1. Two other events scheduled for this year, the egg hunt and Music for Miracles, are postponed until further notice.

Viyang Hao

Since school is currently not in session, what House events were canceled and can you describe them? 

As or fight now, the events that have been postponed have been our Easter egg hunt (originally on March 28) and our Music for Miracles event (originally on April 19). Our Easter egg hunt is held annually for the kids in the community, where kids from all around can just come. We have two versions of the egg hunt, we have one for five-year-olds and below and then (for) six-year-olds and above. In addition to our Easter egg hunt, we have over 23 stations of different activities that the kids can come and play and overall have fun in; that kind of event is always a great success. (For) our second event, Music for Miracles, is our awesome showcase palette of CHS students at the (Carmel) Palladium. (The event) basically is a night of awesome musical talents (and) showcases where CHS students can show off all of (their) musical talent; it’s always such an amazing event. 


What was the reason that you canceled those two events? 

Due to the unfortunate (events) of closing everything, we cannot facilitate (our Easter egg hunt and Music for Miracles) because the Palladium, right now, is not doing any more events until May and then, obviously, since school is out, we can no longer do the (Easter) egg hunt as the egg hunt was hosted at Carmel. 


What events will be replacing those two events, if any? 

Well as of right now, our biggest priority is to, and like I said before, to not cancel (events) but just postpone (them). Obviously, this is a tough time for all clubs all around in this community and there is going to be a lot of havoc around planning. But as of right now there is no goal of replacing the events rather than just trying to find another day for these events to occur on. 


Since House is based on a point system, how is House going to be moving forward with that system? 

We are still in the works of (figuring out what to do with the point system). That has been a big question as of late but as soon as we get that figured out, we definitely will let everybody know, the House members know, so don’t worry yet if you are in House for (this) semester. (I’m) so sorry for the way that is coming but when we get back, I cannot wait to see you guys in May, so do not worry about that, (House) will be figuring it out and working that out. 


Are there any other plans that House has for the future? 

Right now, we just really want to get those (two) events back on track because those are very big fan favorites. We do not want the last House event that House members (could experience to be Dance Marathon). We (also) want to have more events to occur so, right now, we’re just playing with that and trying to get the most out of (the situation) and try to prepare for the next day so that way, once this all goes over, we still have more events and more ways to help the kids at Riley (Children’s Hospital). 


Is there anything else that I haven’t asked you, you think readers should know? 

I just want to thank all of the House of Representatives members. We should be having House meetings at this school, helping the kids at Riley (Children’s Hospital), but unfortunately, that has been halted right now. So thank you so much for (you have) done this year. When we get back, I cannot wait to see you (House members).