DECA to organize future practices and competitions

Saumya Somasi

The next meeting for DECA has not been scheduled yet, but will take place within the next month, according to sponsor Robert Holman.

He said, “We’re still trying to get a good handle on all (the schedule). Generally the IB classes and the marketing classes are in DECA and not much has changed there.”

Melissa Su, veteran member and senior, said she is a virtual student which presents some challenges but the DECA team has been really helpful.

Su said, “Virtual communication is not always as simple as an in-person conversation. However, my executive team and DECA advisors have been super helpful in ensuring that I am always in the loop of what is going on.”

Holman said that DECA is still in the recruiting process of getting new members since the call-out was on Sept. 9 through Zoom, but eventually no more members will be allowed to join.

He said, “We’re just a little behind in getting everything started because of the hybrid schedule, but no, we’re up and running and looking forward to a good year.”

Su said she was unsure how future practices and competitions would work.

“There is no doubt that things will look different this year,” she said, “but one of the awesome things about DECA is that members can still learn about business by preparing for competitions at home.”