Q&A With Julia Fernandes, 2000s TV show club founder and president

Cady Armstrong

What inspired you to create the 2000s TV show club?

I’ve always been obsessed with the aesthetic of the 2000s. Two years ago I started watching Gilmore Girls because I had heard it was a good show. Then, I watched it, and I fell in love with it instantly. I became obsessed with it and ever since I’ve watched it like 90 times. So, I just love the 2000s and other shows from that era and I just decided to share my love of (the shows) with other students. 


What will a typical 2000s TV Show Club meeting look like?  

Basically, the first meeting is going to be like an ‘election day’. I’m going to have a presentation to show a list of options we can choose from. Then, the club members will vote for their two (favorites from the list). They’ll pick two in, because in case we can’t stream one of them or if the school blocks (the show). And then, if we finish one, then maybe we’ll watch the other one. 


At the meetings, will you be discussing the show or only watching them? 

So basically, we’ll try to watch two shows. We’re not necessarily going to be discussing it. Rather, we’re just primarily watching it. And then if you’re watching it, you can always make comments. 


How long will your meetings go on for (what time do they end)? 

Probably between 5:30 and 6 p.m. because then we can watch about two full episodes that are 40 minutes long and we’ll need that time to do that. 


How often do you plan on meeting?

Every Thursday/Friday, and both cohorts are welcome to come to the school after four because it is after the school day is over, which I thought was really cool. Hopefully, this can convince people to come even if their cohort isn’t in-person that day. Then, I think that’s cool because then we can get to meet other people from different cohorts. 


How are you planning on including all-virtual students?

We’re planning on having a Zoom-in option where we’re gonna start with the computer in the very middle of the room so that they can see everything well. I want (the all-virtual students) to still be able to join the club. Basically, they can choose whichever day is best for them for the calendar call meeting.


What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about going to a meeting?

 If they’re unsure on whether or not they should, 100% join because it’s really chill. You don’t have to come to every meeting. We can catch you up on that. Really, you’re just gonna hang out with friends and get to watch some shows together. There’s no pressure at all.