DECA to study and practice individually

Saumya Somasi

There are no upcoming events for DECA other than to practice and study events, according to Melissa Su, veteran DECA member and senior.

Sponsor Robert Holman said some DECA events have just started, including Stock Market Game and Virtual Business Challenge.

Su explained, “Stock Market Game is where DECA students participate in an online simulation and manage a virtual investment portfolio of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. The virtual business challenge is where students choose a sector of business like accounting, fashion, etc. and operate a web-based business simulation.”

Holman said at this point things are looking like they will be normal.

“We’ll see once we get into the winter what it looks like,” he said. “But we’re planning on having everything: district, state, nationals, everything.”

Su said the DECA team is working together to provide students with a good experience.

“With DECA registration and district competition planning approaching, the executive team members all have a lot of responsibilities. We are taking everything step by step and making the best out of our situation.” She said via email.