TechHOUNDS to continue working through preseason

Marvin Fan

With in-person meetings starting back up and every member choosing their team, TechHOUNDS members are now preparing for the build and competition season. However, due to COVID-19, a new system will be put in place for club meetings.

Head Coach Zachary Bonewit said via email, “We have decided to follow a similar student cohort system where only half of our team members meet in person each meeting. This allows us to properly social distance during meetings.”

According to Drew Sanchez, the team lead for TechHOUNDS and senior, the cohorts will switch every week between virtual and in-person meetings.

Sanchez said, “Until early December, time is spent training. In our preseason, especially for rookies, they’ll be learning basic skills about the division they’re in and for veteran members it’s like further career development, working really specifically with our mentors and adult coaches to gain more practical technical skills on some of our equipment.”