College and Career Resource Center to Assist Seniors with FAFSA Application

Darshini Shankar

As seniors are wrapping up college applications, the College and Career Resource Center (CCRC) plans to host events to assist with completion of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

According to Melinda Stephan, the FAFSA is a very important aspect of college applications as it provides financial aid to many students.

Stephan said, “You have to fill out the FAFSA every year you’re in college if you want to be considered for any (financial) aid and that includes loans, federal aid (and) state aid.”

To help students with the FAFSA application process, Stephan said that the CCRC will be hosting a virtual financial aid night on Oct. 20.

According to Stephan, “The virtual financial aid night will be a zoom presentation from our partners at InvestEd, (similar to) the one that they did for College Go Week, but a little longer and more in-depth to the FAFSA process.”

Additionally, on Nov. 9, an in-person FAFSA completion event will take place at this school.

Stephan said, “When people come to (the completion event,) they’re at all different places. Some people haven’t started the FAFSA at all. Some people are almost done (and) they just have a few questions. And (there’s) everything in between. So, (they) come and get help (from) InvestEd.”

Senior Katriel “Kat” Lin said that some confusion arose within her family when it came to FAFSA qualification.

I know my dad was initially hesitant to fill it out because he didn’t think that I’d qualify for any federal financial aid,” Lin said. “This turned out to be wrong because I may qualify for a loan offered by the federal (government).”

Additionally, Lin said that she already filled out the application in early October even though it is only due on April 15.

Similar to Lin, the school is well ahead of deadlines. According to Stephan, this is to assist students applying to some specific colleges that have earlier deadlines.

Stephan said, “Some schools have a Feb. 1 deadline or a March 1 deadline. So we tell seniors (to) make it a goal to get it done before winter break or over winter break. Because if you can get it done by December (or) January, you’re going to be ahead of most of those deadlines for specific colleges and specific situations.”