Club Med to host Zoom meeting

Olivia Stock

Club Med is scheduled to have its second meeting Oct. 8 following a call-out meeting that was held Sept. 24. Club officers have not yet decided on an activity for the meeting. Future meetings during the first semester will be held virtually every second and fourth Thursday of each month.

Rineet Ranga, Club Med president and senior, said club officers are planning on doing activities such as hosting guest speakers via Zoom and talking about STEM challenges like the Conrad Challenge as they can be done virtually.

“There’s all these different challenges that I want to inform different people about that I’ve done in the past that can really open up your mind to what you want to possibly do,” Ranga said.

Club Med sponsor Alyssa Ament said she leaves decisions about meetings and activities up to club officers.

According to Ranga, club officers will focus on giving information during the first semester and shift to focusing on activities during the second semester.

Ranga said, “I want to give people that opportunity to learn what else they could possibly do in the medical field besides just becoming a straight doctor.”