Cabinet holds first successful event of year

Tessa Collinson

On Oct. 3, Cabinet held the FT3K Color Run Race to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital.

Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff said via email, “It was outstanding! It ran smoothly. We filled to capacity on each race, had several people participate virtually and had great weather!”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cabinet implemented new guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety.

“Things we implemented to keep everyone distance and safe included wearing masks and starting boxes of 10 every six feet. These groups were not allowed to leave their box and were asked to not mix groups during the race,” Speaker of the House Drew Miller said via email. “We also had social distancing guards on the course to make sure everyone was spread out. Also, we asked that everyone leave once they finished so that people would not congregate together.“

They also changed the number of races from one to four in order to help space people out.

“We put people in smaller groups and mandated masks and people complied,” Wolff said. “However, this was an outdoor event and I am sure we will have more challenges to face when going inside for events as the weather gets colder.”

This event was also a learning experience for Cabinet, as it was the first time members had to adjust an event to accommodate for COVID-19 restrictions.

Miller said, “One important thing that we learned from this event is that it is better to offer more time to spread people out.”