Students say taking AP World History freshman year helped them in U.S. History junior year

Karolena Zhou

Freshmen generally have a choice between AP World History or regular/honors World History for their history class. Similarly, juniors generally have a choice between AP U.S. History (APUSH), IB History of the Americas, or regular U.S. History. For those who are now in AP U.S. History, many said they believe taking AP World History helped them do well in AP U.S. History, including junior Emma Xiao.

“AP World (History) has taught me (different) techniques on answering stimulus questions,” Xiao said. “(It) taught me how to write Long Essay Questions (LEQs) and Document Based Questions (DBQs), which has helped me in APUSH. In APUSH, I know the structure of writing an essay, so it has made my life easier in (the class). Not only that, but the fast pace of AP World has helped in APUSH especially with the reading and quiz schedule.”

In AP World History, students learn how to write Short Answer Questions (SAQs), LEQs and DBQs. Also, they learn how to answer stimulus-based questions. APUSH uses the same techniques used in AP World History, so taking AP World History helps students who take AP U.S. History.

APUSH teacher Allison Hargrove said AP World History lays the foundation of AP U.S. History; therefore, it really helps to take AP World History.

“We also will soon be meeting via Zoom to discuss writing procedures specific to the course,” Hargrove said. “Students are asked to participate in discussion boards, we have virtual study sessions and students are asked to meet in groups to discuss content with their peers.”

Hargrove also said students who took AP World History already know and understand the writing procedures, which gives them an extra boost in APUSH.

Xiao said she agrees with Hargrove, and said AP World History has laid the foundation for her learning in APUSH, which has saved her time from learning how to write a history essay.

“I am glad that I took AP World (History) as it has helped me in APUSH. I don’t have to learn how to write essays and do stimulus questions, which saves me time in doing homework,” Xiao said.