Media Center prepares for chance of virtual schooling, new events


National Picture Book Month is occurring in the Carmel High School and the media center staff has set up a display to showcase some of the books. Ramos said even though high school students may not benefit as much off of picture books as lower grades, students may check out books to share with younger siblings.

Riley Laferriere

There are some smaller media center events occurring in the next couple weeks according to Terri Ramos, the media center and communications department chairperson.

Ramos said in the next few weeks, the media center will have displays on The Day of Code, an event centered around students at Carmel High School teaching fourth graders how to code via Zoom, and National Picture Book Month, a month for the recognition of picture books.

According to Brinn Schaller, a sophomore who eats in the media center, she enjoys how frequently the displays change. She said, “It’s fun to look at the displays when I’m walking by. They’re always interesting.”

Along with these special weeks, Ramos said clubs and individuals still meet in the media center regularly for meetings, gatherings and individual work.

Although there are still events and gatherings occurring in the media center, Ramos recognized the chance of the school returning to an all virtual schedule and said, “We are ready to go to help kids if they need resources. We are completely prepared to switch over and help kids virtually or in-person as needed.”

Schaller said it may be difficult for the media center to provide as much help to students as it does in the hybrid schedule, but acknowledged the virtual ways students will be able to access media center materials, such as through the e-cards the staff is handing out.

As for now, however, Ramos said, “(The staff is) very excited that we can continue to work with kids and support learning, literacy and research.”

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