Club Med to host pathologist for Jan. 11 meeting

Olivia Stock

For Club Med’s next meeting on Jan. 11, club officers plan to host a pathologist as a guest speaker. The meeting will be virtual via Zoom, as will all second semester meetings.

“It’s not beneficial to have (meetings physically), it’s just too much of a risk right now,” Rineet Ranga, Club Med president and senior, said.

Club sponsor Alyssa Ament said she leaves most of the decisions about event planning and meetings up to club officers.

In addition to the guest speaker on Jan. 11, a cardiologist is scheduled to speak at the Club Med meeting on Jan. 25. Officers also plan to hold informational meetings informing club members about online projects such as Project STEM.

“The benefits of those projects not only include exposure to different fields of science, either research or actual physical medicine practice, but also it looks good on college resumes and application processes when you’re applying to different colleges or undergraduate research opportunities,” Ranga said. “Having good lab work prior to even entering into your first freshman lab will be beneficial on any application. And plus, it’s honestly one of the major deciding factors if you want to go between the actual medical practicing route or the research route. It’s a good eye-opener for sure.”