Members of the men’s varsity swim team continue to improve over the course of the season and feel confident for upcoming Sectional preliminary event on Feb. 18

Daniel Kim

Ever since the beginning of the swim season, Head Coach Chris Plumb has seen significant improvement and leadership in his athletes.

“Our team has gotten in tremendous shape and the athletes are in the best shape in their lives,” Plumb said. “Their race details have improved tremendously as well as our underwater kick.”

Even through winter break, according to Plumb, members of the men’s varsity team continued to practice and improve.

“Practices continued as normal and we did give the athletes four days off over break, which is greater than normal,” Plumb said. “The break allows us just to focus on swimming without having to worry about school.”

Ryan Malicki, varsity swimmer and junior, also agreed he has gotten better since the beginning of the season.

“I think this year I have gotten a lot stronger in the weight room and that has translated to the pool in many ways, “ Malicki said. “I also have played around with my technique and that has helped a lot too.”

As for the upcoming Sectional preliminary event on Feb. 18, Malicki believes the team is ready and will do well.

“The Sectional preliminary is coming up and everyone is getting excited for that. The team is really deep this year and I think we will do great,” Malicki said. By Daniel Kim