CHS figure skaters, former U.S. figure skater elaborate on physicality, commitment needed for success in figure skating

Take A Spin:
Kendall Erne, figure skater and junior, opens out of her spin and stretches out her leg. Erne said she competes for about half of the year but practices year round. She added that her practices are about two to four hours and take place six times a week; and most of her competitions are in Michigan and Ohio.

Karolena Zhou

December 12, 2019

  While winter is the only time to ice skate for most students, for junior Kendall Erne, it’s a year-round activity. As a competitive ice skater, Erne skates two to four hours per day, six days per week. On top of these practices, she competes once or twice per month. “I compete a lo...

Maintenance checks scoreboards, other things to get ready for winter sports

 Maintenance worker Fred Sheats builds a platform on which he can rest light fixtures while he replaces the lights in the varsity gym. The change from incandescent to LED lights in the varsity gym is one of several things the maintenance department worked on to get ready for winter sports.

Lillian He

November 26, 2018

Following the conclusion of the majority of fall sports, the maintenance department has turned its attention to getting the gyms ready for the winter sports teams. Maintenance foreman Mike Wyatt said, “We’re getting ready for basketball season, the indoor sports…(we have to) check the scoreboard...

Wrestling team prepares for season, first meet Wednesday

Wrestling team prepares for season, first meet Wednesday


November 15, 2013

  Nearly every day, once practice starts, senior Karl Wilhelm is one of the first athletes into the CHS wrestling room. Contrary to his teammates who play football or throw for track and field—in which there is no substitute for size—Wilhelm weighs only 106 pounds. But wrestling is fair in...

Wrestling team optimistic about upcoming season


November 18, 2011

After a strong offseason-conditioning program, the wrestling team looks to have a dominating season this winter. Official practice began on Monday Oct. 31, with cuts made on Nov. 7. The team will compete in its first official meet tomorrow at Brownsburg. Head Coach John Kopnisky said he has high expectations...

Last meeting for winter athletes of Senior Roundtable on Oct. 13

Jim Inskeep (foreground), Club sponsor and Athletics Director, and Bruce Wolf (background), co-sponsor and assistant Athletics Director, give a PowerPoint presentation on leadership skills. Roman “Roma” Sarapin (directly under Wolf), Senior Roundtable member, said the experience opened his eyes to the responsibilities of leadership. TONY TAN / PHOTO


October 12, 2011

The Senior Roundtable is scheduled to hold its final meeting with student athletic leaders from winter sports on Oct. 13, according to Jim Inskeep, club sponsor and Athletics Director. After this meeting, athletes from spring sports will begin to meet in order to prepare for their athletic season. The...

Captain’s Meeting to occur on Jan. 14


January 12, 2011

The next Captain’s Meeting for winter sports captains will take place on Jan. 14 during SRT. According to athletics director Jim Inskeep, the meeting supervisors made a few adjustments from the meetings with fall sport captains. In addition, the supervisors plan to focus on anti-hazing and leadership...

Twenty-three titles and counting


January 29, 2010

By Mackenzie Madison <[email protected]> For the past 23 years, the Carmel women’s swim team has consecutively claimed the title of State champion. This year, for the prospective 24th win, the team seeks to compete, rather than compare. Katherine “Katie”  Vogel, varsity sw...

Student fans act as teams’ sixth man


January 29, 2010

By Ryan Duffy <[email protected]> For years, and with more than 100 State Championships under its belt, this school has prided itself on its performance in athletics. The football team has made it to State the last four seasons, winning once, and the men’s basketball team has accumulated a...