School board to meet on Feb. 22


Submitted Photo: Carmel Clay Schools

School board president Layla Spanenberg meets on Jan. 25 with the rest of the board to present Young Artist Awards, hold a public hearing and approve consent items. At the following board meeting on Feb. 8, board members recognized athletic teams’ state championships and discussed cybersecurity.

Wendy Zhu

The school board will hold its next regular board meeting on Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. in the Educational Services Center. It met Feb. 8 for the recognition of the women’s cross country and men’s tennis state championships, as well as a workshop on cybersecurity that Christi Cloud, Director of Technology and Data Solutions, presented. The board will continue to spend the rest of the semester working to keep up with COVID-19 safety. It has also discussed end of the year plans for this school’s seniors, but according to school board president Layla Spanenberg, many of those plans are still up in the air.

“I know several students are concerned or worried about the traditional activities that happen throughout the school year, especially our seniors,” Spanenberg said. “Is there going to be a prom? Are we going to have a graduation? The administration of Carmel High school is looking very closely at how they can have activities (where) students will be safe and that will be enjoyable and memorable. We’ll just have to see what happens.”

Senior Kehan Wang said that while it is disappointing that many senior year traditions like prom and graduation may not occur as she originally expected, she understands the restrictions COVID-19 presents.

“When you’re a senior, you’re like, ‘Oh, graduation, fun and stuff,” Wang said. “But this year, it’s not like that. I would say I’m kind of upset by it because you can’t interact with as many people anymore, but I’m not devastated.”