Netflix Party rebrands as Teleparty [Of Stage and Screen]

Emily Carlisle

Hi guys, welcome back to Of Stage and Screen. So a few months ago, the popular group streaming site Netflix Party expanded its reach and now allows people to watch not only Netflix, but also Hulu, HBO, and Disney+. 

As an avid Netflix Party user, I was so excited for the update. I used the app very frequently when quarantine first started to keep in touch with friends and now I use it as a way to connect with my boyfriend who is a freshman in college. Right now we are watching “Cobra Kai” which, if you haven’t watched it, is essentially “Karate Kid” but in the future when the characters are adults. It’s a pretty good show, definitely not one I would watch on my own because I tend to stick to lighthearted sitcoms, but it’s nice to be able to sit and watch shows with my boyfriend while we are apart. 

We haven’t taken advantage of the other streaming services available on Teleparty yet but eventually I would love to watch a Disney movie or even “The Muppets” show (which I never finished) on Disney+ with him. I also have some long distance friends and I think that having all of these options to watch TV with them is really great. I know a ton of people used the app when it was still Netflix Party because we weren’t in school and didn’t get to see many people, but I think the expansion will bring its popularity back up.