CHTV to record sports

Christian Ledbetter

CHTV has begun to record sports and other live events. Events CHTV will cover include basketball games, swimming matches and the Hamilton County Covid-19 vigil that takes place March 13. This follows the acquisition and staff training on new live recording equipment, according to CHTV supervisor Brandy Ostojic. “Our new equipment is awesome, we’ve really stepped up our game as far as graphics and everything so we’re really excited about that,” Ostojic said.

Another change to CHTV is the use of graphics and images in live shows. For instance, when an anchor appears a name and title will appear on the bottom side of the screen. In other circumstances, an image related to a story will appear near the right or left side of the screen at times.

Mitchell Taylor, 7-8 CHTV staff member and senior, helps with camera or graphics on live shows and said it was nice that these changes had been made.

“We’ve talked about (graphics) before, but now our new teacher came from an actual news station so we’ve been able to ramp up our production a lot and it’s been nice to learn it and we can do a lot of stuff with (graphics) that we weren’t able to do before,” Taylor said.

Staff members trained for the new equipment in the weeks leading up to March and now CHTV is putting that training into practice.

Ostojic said, “Now that we’re, a month and a half in now we’ve kind of worked out all the problems and are trying to improve everything now.”

The CHTV YouTube channel can be found at this link.