National Honor Society to discuss recruitment of potential incoming members

Jillian Moore

National Honor Society (NHS) is beginning to prepare for incoming juniors eligible to join the club next year. Although nothing is concrete, NHS officers continue to discuss how to reach out to these potential members. The club sent physical letters last year, but is considering going the digital route this year.

According to Samuel “Sam” Austgen, NHS vice president and senior, the club is still waiting on word from sponsors for second semester events, which remain indefinite. However, he said his work as a NHS officer has helped him personally, as well as given him the opportunity to work with other officers to expand the club, despite the challenges this year poses.

“I think (being a NHS officer has) probably benefited me, just in the sense that I kind of get to work on leadership skills and managing people,” Austgen said. “Working with the other officers is helpful too because we kind of all just get to collaborate on one goal that we have, just growing NHS and helping out the students.”

NHS sponsor Allison Malloy said the application process for NHS will most likely remain similar to past years.

“There’s a GPA requirement to join and then the other part of it is there’s an application process. So, students have to write down what their leadership is, any experiences they had in leadership positions or their service positions and then also to tell us what they’re hoping for as a result of membership in NHS,” she said. “So, it’s not only a threshold of having high academics but also being someone who wants to give back and has shown a commitment to being a leader and also to service.”