House and Cabinet hold first virtual auction dinner

Tessa Collinson

From Feb. 21 to Feb. 28, House and Cabinet held a virtual auction dinner. While in-person during previous years, sponsor Sarah Wolff said this event was changed to protect students’ health. She said this allowed for a wider variety of food options.

“This year our auction was online and we hosted various dine to donate nights at local restaurants throughout the week that people could order from with different genres of food to accommodate a wide variety of tastes and to support local restaurants,” she said via email.

Drew Miller, Speaker of the House, said the success of this event and earlier events—such as the FT3K and Wrapping Drive—this year brought positive feedback to help House and Cabinet members plan future events.

“These events went very smoothly, and the community support around the events was amazing. Looking at the success of these events, we would not have done anything differently,” he said via email. “Like I said before, the community support was super strong because we followed CDC guidelines and kept everyone safe.”