Planning Events for April, Teaching Lessons


Terri Ramos, media center and communications department chairperson, reviews worksheets for the Red Cross water safety lessons. She will be distributing prizes to randomly selected students who completed the whole sheet correctly.

Riley Laferriere

Most events that will take place after spring break have not been determined yet according to Terri Ramos, media center and communications department chairperson, although some lessons are underway.

Ramos said that this week, she will be talking to different health and physical education classes about water safety, disaster relief and other safety topics regarding the Red Cross. She will be presenting the information and passing out short worksheets for a chance to win small prizes. Freshman database lessons will also be occurring after break.

When talking about upcoming events, she said, “After break, we’re in April and that’s School Library Month, so we’ll have stuff for that. I don’t know what (events) we’ll do, but we’ll get there.”

In the meantime, no new procedures have been implemented and the media center will continue to stay open up until spring break.

According to Tatum Siebert, media center user and sophomore, the displays and help offered in the media center are big contributors to why she enjoys going there. “(The staff) offers a variety of help with finding books, assignments for different classes and database things,” Siebert said via email. “(And the displays are) such a great way to get people involved and (are) really fun to look at!”