How AP history teachers are planning to review for AP exams

Karolena Zhou

After the College Board’s announcement that AP exams will return to their traditional format this year, many students have started to review content for upcoming exams. This year, the AP U.S. History exam will take place online at school.

“The APUSH exam will be administered online this year. CHS has decided that the APUSH digital exam (and digital exams generally) will be administered at school on the school’s computers,” AP U.S. History teacher Allison Hargrove said. “So, APUSH students should plan on completing your APUSH exam at school.”

Hargrove said she will continue to teach some content while reviewing for the AP exam.

“Right now, I am still continuing on teaching the content (for this year). However, I have (also) started the review (for the AP exam),” Hargrove said. “To review for the AP exam, (I created) a page (on Canvas) for information on how to start prepping for the national exam. At this point, I’ve only posted a few videos because we still have over six weeks until our test date. However, I wanted a few videos to be on the page in case (a few students) wanted to get a head start. Also, I will distribute a study manual for (students) to use for prepping for the test.”

After learning about the schedule, junior Emma Xiao said she feels she will be thoroughly prepared for the exam.

“Right now, I feel okay about the upcoming exam. I studied (a lot over spring break), so I feel more prepared than before the break,” Xiao said. “However, with the review and videos that Hargrove is (giving us), I think I will be fine for the exam.”

By reviewing for the exam, Hargrove said she feels like her students will be well prepared for the exam.

“Right now, I’m focusing on learning the material and the necessary skills needed to be successful. I think my students will do fine on the exam.” Hargrove said.