New AP exams designed in light of COVID-19 too short to effectively test material

New AP exams designed in light of COVID-19 too short to effectively test material

Rhea Acharya

April 9, 2020

In the past month, so many aspects of my life have changed.  The latest change? A few days ago I got more information on how my 6 AP exams would look this year. Instead of seeing information about multiple short answer questions for each subject that would aim to test both depth and breadth of unde...

Counselors preparing for ‘AP season’ after spring break

Viyang Hao

March 26, 2019

According to Melinda Stephan, college and careers programming and resources coordinator, counselors are preparing for the “AP season” after spring break. “(Counselors) are in that mode right before spring break where everybody is ready for a break and (we’re) tying up some loose ends,” Stepha...

Hitting the Books: Students, staff comment on the pros and cons of self-studying for AP Exams

Seniors Nick Gemelas (left) and Amit Kannan (right) study in the library. Kannan said he is a proponent of self-studying for AP Exams because doing so gives students more independence, but acknowledges that such techniques may not be effective for all students.

Kalea Miao

May 16, 2018

CHS is the environment for students to take advantage of AP Exams and their benefits. However, not all students chose to take AP courses, opting to go straight to the exam instead.

Dear College Board

Dear College Board

Gabby Perelmuter, Section Editor

May 18, 2017

Now writing this, I am completely open to the idea of one of the board members reading this and demolishing all of my AP scores because I spoke out against your monopoly, but jokes on you, I’ve already gotten credit and placement for all of my AP classes. Don’t get me wrong, you gave me the opport...


Sophomore Seema Dhungana reads her notes out loud to study for a test. Dhungana said reading the material and saying it at the same time helps her remember key points.

Alina Yu, Feature Reporter

April 20, 2017

STUDYING, SERIOUSLY As testing season approaches, students begin to study vigorously with various methods The first week of may is approaching, meaning AP testing and all the cramming for final exams will soon begin. Michael Wang, National AP Scholar and senior, knows that feeling more than most stude...

Counselors to finish pre-administration sessions, prepare for Scholarship Night

Counselor Bettina Cool organizes proctors for AP exams which will take place in early May. Students registered to take AP exams must attend a pre-administration session.


April 28, 2015

According to counselor Bettina Cool, all students registered to take AP exams must attend a pre-administration session, or else they will not be allowed to take their exams. Additionally, the deadline to turn in a form for seniors to attend Scholarship Night is May 4. There are two more opport...

AP exam registration to end March. 13

Counselor Bettina Cool searches the AP registration website. AP registration opens Feb. 13 for students. 


March 10, 2015

According to counselor Bettina Cool, online registration for AP testing will end March 13. “That’s plenty of time don’t you think? Except for procrastinators, there’s never enough time (for them),” Cool said of registration, which began Feb. 13. After students have registered onli...

Counseling Center to prepare for AP exams, scholarship banquet


March 30, 2014

According to counselor Bettina Cool, the counseling center is beginning to organize AP exams and the scholarship banquet for seniors on May 22. Cool and four other counselors organize the exams by putting together the test booklets, assigning rooms and hiring test proctors. Additionally, the c...

Exams using new AP curricula to begin in May


April 25, 2013

As AP exam season begins on May 6, many students will prepare by taking previously released AP exams and by asking their older friends who have already battled the exam for advice on the test. For senior Rose Thompson, though, this is not a possibility as she prepares for the AP Biology exam. Last...

Late AP registration due March 25


March 23, 2011

All late AP exam registration forms must be turned in to the counseling center by Friday, March 25. Director of counseling Linda Skafish said any forms turned in after Friday will not be accepted. The late registration fee is $10 per test plus the original cost of the test. Skafish said they hope to...

AP exams scheduled for May 2010


February 7, 2010

Many students are in one, if not various AP classes, and the AP exams for these classes are scheduled for May. Testing dates are scheduled from May 3 to the following week on May 14. Most AP tests cost $86. Like many students, junior Alex Wallace is contemplating his AP test for AP Physics on May...