Counselors preparing for ‘AP season’ after spring break

Viyang Hao

According to Melinda Stephan, college and careers programming and resources coordinator, counselors are preparing for the “AP season” after spring break.

“(Counselors) are in that mode right before spring break where everybody is ready for a break and (we’re) tying up some loose ends,” Stephan said.

She also said that since most of the big events have already gone by, the counselors will be mainly focusing on helping students with AP exams scheduled throughout May. Emails students should have received have more information about AP exams, but the counseling course in Canvas has general information about exams too according to Stephan.

For freshman Yashaswini Battina, who will be taking the AP World History exam on May 16, she plans on studying during spring break and taking multiple practice tests to help her.

Battina said, “I’m kind of nervous because I’m not too sure of the layout and exactly what to do to prepare but using the counseling center would definitely be helpful.”  By Viyang Hao