Counseling Center shifts focus to AP exams


Junior Ali Strzynski studies an AP exam review book for one of her upcoming exams. Strzynski said with less class time, she’s had to be more self-disciplined in teaching herself some of the material.

Leah Tan

The counseling center is now prioritizing AP exams after wrapping up scheduling. According to counselor Kris Hartman, the deadline for final scheduling requests is on March 1 so they can start to finalize schedules for next year.

“Since we’re done conferencing, we’re focusing on looking at class numbers and assessing what classes students may have to drop as well as what classes we may have to hire new teachers for,” Hartman said. “It’s really just a cleaning process, so the bulk of the work is already done.”

For right now, Hartman said her biggest priority is figuring out the AP exam schedule.

“We have the most number of AP exams to administer this year than we have in past years, making this process really tricky with COVID-19,” Hartman said. “College Board offered us three different exam dates to administer different subjects, but deciding which date and how it’s going to work is the hard part.”

Junior Ali Strzynski says she’s planning on taking 4 AP exams this year, and that she prefers the flexibility for this year.

“I’m glad we have more flexibility offered this year especially considering how much less class time we’ve had,” Strzynski said. “I just wish the communication was clearer about the exact plan since many of my teachers seem to be on different pages.”

Hartman said to expect more information about AP exams around the second week of March.