Student, teacher discuss changes to pandemic-era review plans for upcoming English AP exams

Archit Kalra

For AP Language and Composition teacher Roya Farrow, there have been some changes to the way she helps students review for the AP exam this year, given the COVID-19 pandemic and the hybrid/virtual school schedules.

“Students have had to take on some responsibility at home to practice timed writing and multiple-choice questions. Whereas in previous years, all the work would be completed with pen and paper, as it is on the AP exam, students have practiced responding to prompts and questions both on the computer and using the traditional method,” Farrow said via email.

Sophomore Jordan Seigel, who is currently in AP Seminar, said his class has also involved paper-based and online tasks, but he is maintaining a strategy he used in the past.

“To prep, I’m going over sample papers released by (The) College Board for previous Seminar exams,” Seigel said via email. “They have comments on what the papers do correctly, so I’ll make sure that I follow their recommendations to do well.”