Gender and Sexuality Alliance Meet and Plan this Year’s Events

Arya Pinnamaneni

Gender And Sexuality Alliance had its callout meeting on Aug. 3. Gender And Sexuality Alliance or GSA was previously known as the Gay-Straight Alliance. The name change was made to foster more inclusivity in the club as well as keep up with the correct terminology. The club’s next meeting will be on Aug. 15 and every other following Wednesday. GSA plans to hold various events, including a clothing drive to support The Trevor Project. According to Page Deddens, a new sponsor to GSA,  it’s important to foster allyship at Carmel and create a safe space for LGBTQIA+ students. “ I want a safe place to talk about issues and also have a place to talk about how we can keep kids here feeling safe as well as other kids in the Community.”

Tatum Siebert, junior and member, said that GSA’s goal is to foster allyship, create a safe space and understanding at Carmel. “ Our main goal this year is creating a safe space for people to talk and share their experiences, and feel comfortable in their own skin.”

Siebert said GSA members will decide on upcoming events and how GSA will be run. “It’s definitely going to be a very student-driven club as in what do members of the club want to do and we’ll do it. Whether that be educating people about the community, movie nights,  seminars to talk, or creating change in the school.”

Siebert is excited about this year saying, “ I hope we can break the division and build a community where everyone feels free to express themselves.” By Arya Pinnamaneni.

Link to GSA Instagram page here.