Best Buddies club hosts interviews Sept. 7, plans future events


Best Buddies held their callout meeting on Sept. 2 in the freshman cafeteria. They discussed different events occurring this year and gave new members information about the club. (Photo by Riley Laferriere)

Riley Laferriere

According to Tony Dunham, sponsor of the Best Buddies club, interviews for new club members will take place on Sept. 7 and members will be paired with buddies on Sept. 15. 

Dunham said members can join after this date, but the likelihood of being paired one-on-one with a buddy is very low.

September and the rest of fall will be filled with many events, said Dunham, and due to the school being fully in person this year, events will be easier to host.

“Last year was really hard, obviously with the hybrid schedule, so the nice thing so far has been (utilizing) SRT for certain things like our callout meeting, the interviews, etc. It was really hard with the COVID restrictions to put on events at the school, so we’re looking forward to it being a little more open this year,” Dunham said.

Mary Schuh, club president and senior, said the first event will be the annual picnic which will occur Sept 19 at cool creek, and there will also be a tailgate which will occur Oct. 8. 

When talking about the tailgate, Schuh said, “I feel like it’s a very common high school experience to have a tailgate, and so just being able to make sure everyone can have that experience and feel included is fun.”

Schuh said she believes joining Best Buddies can have an important impact on students. “(It’s about) realizing that because someone is different from you doesn’t mean you can’t find things in common. Honestly, it puts me in a better mood, just seeing how positive people can be.” By Riley Laferriere