Humor Class at CHS Takes a New View on Literature

Kate Loper

As the new 2021-2022 school year at CHS starts, new classes like Humor, taught by Grant Benefiel have begun. The course is offered to only juniors and seniors, and is a one semester course.

English teacher Grant Benefiel took on the role of this new class after the English Department as a whole during spring 2021, created six new English classes that would be available the following school year.

“The humor class is just a wide range of things, our main focus is looking at the different forms of humor, and sort of the functions of those forms.” Benefiel said.

The Humor class is a different approach to commonly learned English skills, and introduces new skills. It also focuses on learning how humor can be used as a coping mechanism in writing, such as in one book assignment in the course, Hyperbole in a Half by Allie Brosh.

Sarah Warf, Senior and student in Humor, said that the class is a different way of looking at English, but will help with her writing skills specifically in humor. She hopes to learn how to improve her writing skills in play writing, sketch comedy, and stand up.

“I think this will help me incorporate that (humor writing) to become natural in my writing.” Warf said.

Benefiel says that English was not his favorite course in High School, but if he did get the chance to take this class himself, his opinion and interest in English would change tremendously.

“I think it’s a great opportunity to learn new English skills, and skills in a different way.” Benefiel said.

He hopes that many try this class and that the ones who do take it, learn valuable skills in writing as a whole. By Kate Loper


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