CHS Choir Department gets ready for Fall Concert on Sept. 29

Kruti Subbannavar

Senior Emily Hu and Accents member said the first concert of this academic year, the Fall Concert, would be on Sept. 29 and will be held at the varsity gym due to renovations occurring in the Dale E. Graham Auditorium.

Kouns said the renovation has had a drastic effect on the performances for this school year as the choirs do not have a space to perform in.

Director of Choirs Kathrine Kouns said the choir department will be making use of the gym for most of the performances this year, and that the Christmas concert, Holiday Spectacular, will be held at the St. Luke’s United Methodist Church.

“A gym is set up drastically differently (than an auditorium), not just seating, and lighting, and all of that, but just acoustics-wise, it’s just a really different set up, but we’re going to make it work,” Kouns said.

Kouns also said that the students will not be wearing masks on stage as the performances are less than fifteen minutes and they will be socially distanced on the risers. They will be wearing masks at all other times, however and the audience members will have to wear masks as well.

Hu also said that the show choirs would be going to show competitions this year, and the theme for the Accents is Hands.

“The theme for Accents is about hands and split into five sections: touch, prayer, service, celebration, support. At first I thought it was confusing, why hands but after Kouns explained about the different ways we can use our hands, I thought it was a powerful message,” Hu said. By Kruti Subbannavar