The Drama Department Gets Shows Rolling


CHS Sophomore Brayden Perkins rests in front of one of the set pieces created by Tech Theatre. This set piece was brought in and refurbished as a prop many years back for use in automobile scenes.

Sumedha Kota

        The CHS drama department will whirl headfirst into their new productions this year, while simultaneously working towards rebuilding the team at the beginning of the year.

        The tech crew in particular, works with other students who are at the forefront of the drama department to bring new ventures onto the stage. Starting at the beginning of the year, there are a few major productions underway. The Studio One Acts take place this year on September 31st and October 1st in the Freshman Cafeteria. These acts are a large part of the student-led performance arts culture at CHS, and also provide entertainment for students.

        Director of Theater and Film, James Peterson, stated that “The Studio One Acts started their first rehearsals this first week [of September].”

The students are evidently beginning their rehearsals early to get ready for a quick one month turnaround time.

        The tech theatre crew in the drama department has some interesting takes. Based on restarting the atmosphere of the tech crew, tech theatre member and junior Maya Taylor said, “This is my third year, and I think being part of the tech crew has been really helpful for expanding my skills after middle school.”

        Students are returning or newly joining the crew. There are a variety of people who are working together right now, that will get to know each other over time. The concept that joins them is their passion for being part of the crew and working towards improvement.

        The tech theatre students are working on new projects already, and are quickly integrating themselves into a part of the large drama department this year.

        Taylor includes, “ We are working with some other drama department students on student directed and acted Studio One Acts, by making lights, stage props, and other onstage things.”

        As such, the tech crew will just dive into their first projects by collaborating with other drama department members and taking part in their responsibilities early on in the year to bring forth a CHS drama event that is popular among students. By Sumedha Kota