Senate in deep preparation for Homecoming day events


Caption: Ellis Nou, student body president and senior, poses with fellow Senate members at the fall blood drive. He said now they need to focus their energy on Homecoming day planning since it is coming up soon.

Aniket Biswal

        According to Ellis Nou, student body president and senior, the Senate is currently in deep preparation for Homecoming week activities. He said they had a quick turn-around from the fall blood drive and now are focusing their energy on Homecoming planning. Of those activities, the main ones they are focusing on is the trike race and pep rally, according to Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz. “All of the activities on Homecoming day, like the trike race, the pep session, and the parade are all under our area of responsibility,” she said. “We choose all of the spirit days as well.” She said the Senate is currently working hard to make sure everything goes smoothly that day.

        In the Senate SSRT, Nou said “[I] typically run the meetings at the beginning [of SSRT] where I announce any major events and agenda plans. After that, we split up into committee planning time where we plan different aspects of upcoming events.”

        Foutz said she agrees with Nou and said SSRT is where different people are assigned to different aspects of Homecoming day activities. “We have people making trikes, others making schedules, people making flyers so everything runs smoothly.” By Aniket Biswal