Cabinet member, sponsor satisfied with Runway for Riley, plan for upcoming garage sale event on Nov. 20, Nov. 21

Daniel Kim

According to speaker of the House Julia Muller, the Cabinet will host a garage sale on Nov. 20 and Nov. 21, which Muller said she is looking forward to.

“Cabinet’s next event is (a) garage sale this coming weekend,” Muller said. “I am feeling very excited about it.”

Previously on Nov. 13, Cabinet members hosted their annual Runway for Riley event that raised money for the Caroline Symmes Children Cancer Endowment, and, according to Cabinet sponsor Sarah Wolff, the event was a success.

“(It was) outstanding,” Wolff said. “We had a great turnout and amazing support from our community, stores, and patrons.”

Muller also said she agreed with Wolff about the event’s success and was glad it could run normally compared to last year.

“The Runway for Riley event was super successful and fun,” Muller said. “We were able to have it in November like usual, (but) no masks were required and we did not have a virtual option.” By Daniel Kim