WHJE reaches out to eighth graders during Academic Transition Night


Sean Grove, WHJE events manager and senior, makes sure the WHJE awards are in order. Grove said there are some upcoming events with WHJE. Grove said, “So springtime is (when we have) our two big (events) every year which are Rileython and Radiothon. I’m still working with the team that’s running the Dance Marathon to kind of figure out the details of that but with Rileython, (we will) probably start to plan that in the next week or so.”

Tsion Daniel

On Jan. 10 from 5 to 8 p.m., eighth graders came to visit CHS and learn more about the different programs and courses this school offers. As a part of the event, WHJE staff members worked to promote the radio program at CHS to eighth graders.

WHJE radio adviser Dominic James said staff members put effort into preparing for Academic Transition Night.

“So (on Academic Transition Night) we welcome all middle school students into the studio, as are the rest of the school. We’ve got lots of things to kind of peer at. So looking at our live studio, recording facilities, and all the various things that we get up to. (Additionally), the DJ equipment will be out because, as middle school students might know, we often come down to middle schools and actually do some DJ events and stuff like that.”

Sean Grove, WHJE events manager and senior, said he is in charge of recruitment for incoming freshmen.

“I just kind of scheduled people for when they’re going to be here, got everything organized, (we) cleaned the station so everything looked nice when people came. I also stayed after school to get the DJ equipment set up and to make sure everyone was in the right places,” Grove said.

Furthermore, James said events like these are crucial to raising awareness about the Greyhound Media Network (GMN) programs.

“I think a lot of students are unaware that there is a radio station in high school, because of course most high schools don’t have them. And (most students are also unaware) that you can join in your freshman year. Now, even though a number of people do join, some people don’t realize that they can do it until they’re actually in school. So they join in their sophomore or even junior year. A lot of people regret not joining as freshmen,” James said. “Because if you can do four years in a program like radio, HiLite, or something like that, you tend to get much more from it. You get the opportunity in your fourth year to do just some amazing things. But if you join later in your school career of those, you don’t often get quite as many opportunities. So that’s a reason why you might want to think about taking up radio, HiLite or TV as a freshman.” By Tsion Daniel