Carmel Clay Schools rolls out strategic plan, continues principal retirement process


Superintendent Michael Beresford and Facility Dog Jim Dandee smile for the photo. According to Beresford, the district is currently finalizing the CCS strategic plan.

Cady Armstrong

According to Superintendent Michael Beresford, the Carmel Clay Schools (CCS) district is currently in the process of finalizing and putting the strategic plan into effect.

“Right now, we are in the final stages of deciding on our strategic plan for the next three years. This is a long process but I am really excited for the changes we will create with it,” he said.

According to freshman Anne Byron, she is confident that the district will figure out the best direction for the students and staff.

Byron said, “The district handles a lot of decisions. Between COVD-19 precautions, curriculum, and day-to-day operations, it must make big choices all the time. With this, the district knows a lot and will make positive changes with the new strategic plan.”

Additionally, the CCS district is continuing to look for a new principal for this school in light of Principal Tom Harmas retiring at the end of this year.

“Finding a new principal is a long but interesting process. When we interview the candidates, we are seeing if their ideas and overall goal match up with ours. Every principal will be a little bit different,” Beresford said. “It’s a very personal and intricate process so we make sure to take our time.” By Cady Armstrong