Varsity men’s lacrosse team to play home games against Desmet Jesuit on April 22, Chesterton on April 23


Defender and senior Bryce Cannon (RIGHT), runs after the ball carrier during a match against Fishers. Cannon said the team prepares for opponents by scouting them out and developing a game plan based on their tendencies.

Austin Guo

The varsity men’s lacrosse team will play Desmet Jesuit, a team from St. Louis, at 7:30 p.m. on April 22 and Chesterton at 2 p.m. on April 23. Both games will be at home at Murray Stadium.

Defender and senior Bryce Cannon said the team’s preparation for these games will remain the same for each opponent.

“We prepare the same for every team, no matter who we’re playing or how good we think they are,” Cannon said. “We’re still going to get a scout and come up with a good game plan for each team no matter what we think of them, so that way we’re ready.”

However, the team has experienced injuries to numerous players. According to Head Coach John Meachum, this has forced the team to adapt, something he said the players have done admirably well.

“Our resilience and our depth has been really impressive. We have had an unfortunate run of injuries, but the boys have done a really good job with a next man up mentality,” Meachum said. “The boys have been really quick to adapt and step right into the role they’re given and do a great job at it.”

Despite these difficulties with injuries, Meachum said the team’s depth has ensured the team stays strong in nearly every aspect of the game.

“We’re a really balanced team. We have a good offense, good goalie, good face-off guys. We’re just good across the board. The depth and the effort the guys put in is what I think makes us special.”