Men’s tennis to compete in Zionsville Invitational on Sept.10


Jack Jentz, tennis player and senior, plays in the Senior Night match against Guerin Catholic. Coach Brunette said the team will be a top contender for the State championship in late October.

Saahas Kandru

The men’s tennis team will compete in the Zionsville Invitational on Sept. 10. The Sectional will be Sept. 28.

Krishay Arora, tennis player and junior, said he trained vigorously in the summer so when the season started he would be ready for any challenges that would come his way.

“I prepared in summer before the season. During the offseason, I practiced at a private tennis club 5 times a week. That way I was already in the normal swing of things,” Arora said.

“I practice with purpose by having a good mindset while practicing. Before going to a practice session, I always pick one aspect of my game to work on to further improve my game,” he said.

Head Coach Daniel Brunette said the Zionsville Invitational is an important tournament to determine where the team stands.

“This invitational has lots of the teams that we will compete with in the playoffs. With the sectional being in a few weeks it’s important we take this tournament and anything onward very seriously,” Brunette said.

Brunette said the team is getting better and should be at their full potential in the next few weeks.

“Our guys are continuing to improve, their focus gets greater each week and we have a really good plan for our training to be at our best in October for State. We want to continue to make the most of each day and support each other throughout the entirety of the season,” he added.

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