Math Club introduces guest speakers

Starting from Sept. 27, Math Club will be hosting guest speakers every month. Each session will provide students with an opportunity to have insight into a guest speaker’s experiences with math.

This first ever guest speaker session will be hosting Dr. William Cross, IUPUI professor and International Math Olympiad silver medalist, whose session will be titled “The twelve things you should have learned in Algebra I (but probably didn’t)”. The lecture will be given in room A314.

Joseph Broman, sponsor of Math Club and math teacher, expresses his excitement about the new program.

“This lecture series will hopefully be very inspiring for the students. I think being able to communicate with professionals and seeing what they do can allow a deeper and more fun understanding of math for these students,” he said.

Grace Yang, president of Math Club and senior, explains that students will receive great opportunities to interact with guest speakers, receive peer tutoring, and work with each other to solve math questions in Math Club. This year, Math Club sessions will normally be held in room H109, open year-round for students who would like to practice for future competitions or students who need help with homework or math-related activities. Grace also adds that all students are welcome to attend Math Club sessions and guest speaker lectures regardless of their association with the Math Club.

She says, “We aim to foster the school’s interest in math, so all students are welcome anytime. The guest speakers will talk to students about a lot regarding their involvement (in math), so if they are interested they should definitely come. In Math Club we want to be able to provide a place for people who are interested in math to come together and do what they’re passionate about.” By Ella Guo