School board brings attention to cybersecurity, recommends preventative measures

Daniel Tian

The school board will meet on Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. for its next regular session. The board last met Oct. 10, when members listened to network administrator Terry Howell pitch a presentation about cyber safety. Board members also discussed the role of technology in education and how to safely incorporate the internet in the learning environment.

Howell said, “Our world is increasingly digital and increasingly interconnected, so while we must protect ourselves, it’s going to take all of us to protect us as a community. To aid in this, we’ll be discussing some ideas and go over some terms and tools such as updating your software and using multi-factor authentication for all your accounts.”

Directed to the members of the board, Howell recommended LastPass, a password managing website, and strongly encouraged members to purchase a credible antivirus software.

Junior Sandra Yang agrees with Howell. Yang is currently enrolled in cybersecurity and a member of Carmel CyberPatriots.

“People definitely underestimate the severity of cyber attacks and viruses, and cybersecurity is something everyone should know about and at least understand the basics of,” Yang said. “Stuff like two-factor authentication, password management apps and antivirus subscriptions are so necessary but not enough people use them or even know about them.”