Senate to visit SSRTs, organize Care to Share


Senate members attend a meeting during SSRT to plan Care to Share. Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz said Care to Share sponsors low-income individuals in the Indianapolis area.

Darshini Shankar

After wrapping up homecoming and committee reports, Senate members are beginning to plan Care to Share. According to Senate sponsor Michelle Foutz, Care to Share is a program where Senate partners with the Carmel Youth Assistance Program to sponsor a certain number of low-income individuals. 

Foutz said, “We are getting ready to send a request to Carmel Youth Assistance Program for the 22 individuals that the SSRTs are sponsoring for Care to Share.”

Solomon Seif, Senate member and freshman, said Senate is currently visiting SSRTs and creating a plan to sponsor those 22 individuals with the money SSRTs provide.

“We’re getting all of the SSRTs to request how much money they’re going to build in and building up a plan for how it’s going to work,” Seif said.

Along with Care to Share, Foutz said that Senators are beginning to plan the spring blood drive and communicating with the blood drive coordinators to plan a T-shirt design contest.

Foutz said, “We’re coordinating a contest to design the shirt that will be given out to the donors for the spring blood drive.”