WHJE begins basketball broadcasting, reschedules Riley “Fun”raiser


Paulina Arana, live shows department member and sophomore, works on a broadcast during class.

Tsion Daniel

With Thanksgiving Break approaching, the WHJE staff is preparing to start broadcasting at basketball games. Moreover, due to weather conditions, the Riley Fun“raiser”  event will be rescheduled to next semester. In the meantime, the staff is continuing to produce live shows and broadcasts accessible on whje.com and 91.3.

According to WHJE radio advisor Dominic James, the WHJE staff is expanding its broadcasting ability to cover all basketball teams.

“So we are excited about that. We have got a full schedule of 60 basketball games scheduled for the winter period. (Moreover), we have got four different teams working on that-we have varsity and junior varsity for boys and for girls.”

Paulina Arana, live show department member and sophomore, said she is currently working on preparing for her live show: “Mood Swings.” In such endeavors, Arana said there are several overarching goals WHJE staff members have.

“We’re just continuing to work on making our work the best work possible, specifically with what we produce like in the station and so our promotions, our live shows, or sports broadcasts.”

WHJE prepares for upcoming Riley “Fun” Raiser event, other initiatives