SROs continue new safety policies, engage with students


Senior Eric Yang works on homework during his release block. As a member of the Transition to College (TCP) Program, Yang comes in and out of the school multiple times a day, and thinks the safety of school entry can be improved.

Maddie Misterka

The CHS school resource officers (SROs) are continuing old policies like buzz-in doors, “Safe Visitor,” which evaluates the safety of non-students within the school and reinforcing new policies like the ID policy change that started on Jan. 13.

Ashley Williams, Master Patrol Officer and SRO, said she has worked on security plans since the beginning of the year as continuing to implement new policies into the second semester, and she said these safety programs are aimed not only at reducing danger within the school but also preventing threats ahead of time.

Some students, however, believe there are still changes that can be made to improve these policies.

“There haven’t been a lot of changes with the new policies,” senior Eric Yang said. “It feels like the school promised some big changes but coming in and out of school is just as easy as it was before. I’m not sure if CHS has been implementing the policies as well as they could have.”

In addition to safety policies, Blake Lytle, Master Patrol Officer and SRO said coming back from break, SROs are continuing to prioritize students’ wellbeing and encourage smart decisions.

“During long breaks sometimes people make not-safe decisions,” Lytle said. “We want our students to be safe and not to make decisions that jeopardize their or others’ safety, so that’s one of our main focuses.”