Choirs continue spring concert series and prepare for next year

Director of choirs Katherine Kouns responds to an email from her daughter’s teacher in her office on April 8. Her daughter is a fourth grader at Carmel Elementary, and is a part of the school’s film club.

Josie Cruzan

April 16, 2019

Over spring break, choir results for next year were released to the students who auditioned. The audition process lasted from early January to early March. Now, choir students are conferencing with faculty about their auditions. Director of choirs Katherine Kouns said, “It’s always a fun time full of ...

Choirs finish auditions, begin competition season, prepare for the choral showcase

Director of choirs Katherine Kouns responds to emails in her office on Feb. 15. “As far as the dance audition goes, it’s just really difficult to tell until we get there. Every year there are people that really come out of the woodwork and surprise us and are just amazing.” Kouns said.

Josie Cruzan

February 27, 2019

Choir auditions, which began on Jan. 10, ended with the first round of dance auditions on Feb. 19 for students who wish to join one of the schools show-choirs. Director of choirs Katherine Kouns said, “This audition group looks about the same so far. It’s about the same number as in previous years, ...

Choirs begin preparing for competitions, auditions

Lindsay Vrobel, Rhapsody member and sophomore, reviews the choir audition schedule during SRT on Jan. 10. Vrobel auditioned for New Edition.

Josie Cruzan

January 13, 2019

The competition season for New Edition, Accents and Ambassadors will begin Feb. 15. The first competition will be at Center Grove High School. The choirs are currently preparing for those competitions. In addition, auditions for next years choir placements are taking place. Lindsay Vrobel, Rhapsody m...

Students to participate in young adult cast musical productions during the summer

Students to participate in young adult cast musical productions during the summer


May 19, 2016

As the end of the school year approaches, many students look for activities to keep them busy in the summer. While many find summer jobs or vacation spots, junior Seth VanNatter has different plans. He said this summer he will play the character Carlos in “Legally Blonde” at the Booth Tarkington...

Rockette auditions on Sept. 29 during SRT


September 27, 2011

Rockette auditions for Holiday Spectacular are on Sept. 29 during SRT in Room E157. Students should come at 9:30 a.m., as opposed to at first session, and must have had tap-dancing training in order to audition, according to Diana Gillespie. However, they should wear dance or character shoes for the...