Choirs finish auditions, begin competition season, prepare for the choral showcase


Josie Cruzan

Director of choirs Katherine Kouns responds to emails in her office on Feb. 15. “As far as the dance audition goes, it’s just really difficult to tell until we get there. Every year there are people that really come out of the woodwork and surprise us and are just amazing.” Kouns said.

Josie Cruzan

Choir auditions, which began on Jan. 10, ended with the first round of dance auditions on Feb. 19 for students who wish to join one of the schools show-choirs.

Director of choirs Katherine Kouns said, “This audition group looks about the same so far. It’s about the same number as in previous years, maybe a little more. Everybody has been coming in and doing their auditions and doing well, so all of that is just chugging along as usual.”

In addition to auditions, Accents, Ambassadors and New Edition began their competition season on Feb. 16, performing at Center Grove High School.

Thomas Ryan, New Edition member and junior, who is auditioning for Ambassadors and Select Sound said, “New Edition got second in large mixed, and everyone just had a good time and performed really well. We’re all excited to get back out there again.” The competitive show choirs have three more competitions, the next of which is on March 2 at Lafayette High School.

The non-competitive choirs are currently preparing for the Choral Showcase, which is on Feb. 28.

Marissa Cheslock, Rhapsody member and sophomore, said, “I’m preparing for the concert by working with my vocal coach, and in class I’m rehearsing with the rest of the group, and I’m in a small group for one of our songs so we’ve been meeting during SRT to work on our part. I think everything is coming along well and the concert will be an exciting one.”