Key Club to promote other service clubs, centralize volunteer opportunities with Serve Carmel

Members of Key Club’s board discuss plans for the future of the club at a meeting on the morning of Sept. 24. According to Key Club sponsor Diana Grimes, the Serve Carmel initiative will be a major focus this year.

Sophia Hawkins

September 30, 2019

This school year, members of the Key Club board hope to make serving the community easier and more accessible to students through its new program, Serve Carmel. "So it's basically for freshmen because when you're a freshman, you're kind of overwhelmed with all the different clubs and such. And you t...

Senior Katie DiGiovanni

Senior Katie DiGiovanni

December 13, 2018

“I normally go with my church, and we go to either a food pantry or a food kitchen. We provide meals and clothing for people that don’t have a lot of things. It feels really good to give back to people because we have so much and we don’t really realize it. There are so many people in the world ...

Wrestling team participates in community service projects, claims it bonds team members

Satvik Kandru

December 13, 2018

Throughout this fall and winter, wrestlers have learned to reflect on their role not only as wrestlers, but as contributing members of the Carmel community. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, volunteering rates among teens ages 14 to 19 was 19 percent in Indiana. A new federal study show...

FCCLA in midst of holiday activities

Ashwin Prasad

November 28, 2018

FCCLA is moving into the holiday season and the community service activities that come with it. The chapter continued work on Christmas hats and stockings and participated in a district meeting Nov. 3. On Dec. 10, FCCLA and its culinary division will hold a silent auction to raise funds for the food...

FCCLA to sew stockings for soldiers Nov. 3

Margaret O’Connor, FCCLA Indiana president and senior, reads a book for English. O’Connor and FCCLA Indiana are sewing stockings for U.S. soldiers overseas.

Ashwin Prasad

October 15, 2018

With homecoming and the Fall Leadership Rally in the rearview mirror, FCCLA is turning their attention to various community service projects that they will undertake for the remainder of 2018. The club meets on Oct. 18., where they will sew stockings for U.S. soldiers overseas. These stockings will be deli...

Rotary Club to present service award to CHS junior

Rich Taylor, president of the Rotary Club of Carmel, works at his office. The Rotary Club of Carmel participates in various service projects. ALLY RUSSELL / PHOTO


March 27, 2014

The Rotary Club of Carmel is presenting the William D. McFadden Student Service Award to CHS juniors who participate in community service. The award offers juniors a chance to gain recognition for their hard work, while helping out a charitable cause. Ari Brown, potential candidate for the William...

Rotary Club of Carmel offers student service awards to juniors

Author Archives

January 25, 2013

The Rotary Club of Carmel is currently offering student service awards to juniors in Carmel High School. According to Ranjit “Ranj” Puthran, student service award chairperson of the Rotary Club, students can applyfor the William D. McFadden Student Service Award for a chance to win. The Rotary Club is a worldwide community service club...

NHS induction ceremony to be on March 29


March 13, 2009

By Steven Chen <[email protected]> The National Honor Society (NHS) induction ceremony for the juniors accepted into next year’s club will be on March 29 at 2 p.m. at the Dale E. Graham Auditorium. “I want to join NHS because I think it’s a good opportunity to give back to the co...