Key Club to promote other service clubs, centralize volunteer opportunities with Serve Carmel


Members of Key Club’s board discuss plans for the future of the club at a meeting on the morning of Sept. 24. According to Key Club sponsor Diana Grimes, the Serve Carmel initiative will be a major focus this year.

Sam Hawkins

This school year, members of the Key Club board hope to make serving the community easier and more accessible to students through its new program, Serve Carmel.
“So it’s basically for freshmen because when you’re a freshman, you’re kind of overwhelmed with all the different clubs and such. And you tend to apply to everything, you don’t really know what to do, and you don’t really stay with anything. So what Serve Carmel is, is to basically congregate a lot of the smaller volunteering clubs, so that the freshmen are less overwhelmed with all their stuff,” Abinay Devarakonda, Key Club president and senior, said.
In addition, the Serve Carmel program seeks to promote service clubs that may be more niche, in order to spread the word about their initiatives, according to Key Club sponsor Diana Grimes.
Grimes said that Key Club recently reached out to the World Smiles Mission club, which collects dental hygiene products for people in third world countries, to help.
“And so what our group is doing is going to see if we can partner up with them. That’s a very small, small club. And we’re a very big club. And so we can help them at the same time as serving the community or the larger community, in a sense,” Grimes said.
Key Club will also have a homecoming booth and will be decorating and selling sugar cookies.
“So if anyone’s interested in that, be sure to check us out,” Devarakonda said.