Chemistry Club to hold competition for younger children

Rohan Mahesh

February 6, 2019

Chemistry Club students have found many interesting ways to have competitions. One of these ways is through middle schoolers. These competitions have been thought out to be low in stress level and very easy to perform. The idea of having chemistry competitions for middle schoolers will allow these ch...

Science Bowl practices for the Regional Competition in February

Riley Hamilton

December 13, 2018

This upcoming April of 2019, the Science Bowl team will participate in the national competition that takes place in Washington D.C. Before this competition takes place, judges will determine the winner of the top place finisher of the A team at the Regional competition in February. This top place fini...

Science Bowl meets weekly to practice for upcoming competitions

Riley Hamilton

November 23, 2018

The 2018 Science Bowl team has been preparing for the invitational, regional, and national competitions since the week after Labor Day, with the top team getting ready even over the summer. However, these three upcoming competitions in January, February, and April cannot be successful without the prac...

Updates from Chemistry Club members

Rohan Mahesh

November 10, 2018

The Chemistry Club’s first priority is to help you enjoy learning about the ways of chemistry. Club sponsor Virginia Kundrat teaches her chemistry classes with enjoyment and strives to make chemistry easy and fun for everyone in her class. She said, “Whenever students have problems on homework I...

Chem for Them: Chemistry Club to create a competition for middle school students

Chem for Them: Chemistry Club to create a competition for middle school students

Tara Kandallu

January 25, 2018

Over the summer and during first semester, Chemistry Club officers worked on a plan that would bring low-stress science competitions to middle school students around the Carmel community. Chemistry Club plans to have five questions for each competition round mailed to their individual middle schools ...

Speech Team prepares for first competition on Nov. 5

Michelle Hong, Reporter

October 25, 2016

The members are preparing for their first competition on Nov. 5 in Fishers. According to club sponsor Jacleen Joiner, everyone participates in a specific event such as duo, drama, humor or interpretation.  Depending on the competition, there are three or four rounds, a final round, and an award ceremony.  ...