Science Bowl practices for the Regional Competition in February

Riley Hamilton

This upcoming April of 2019, the Science Bowl team will participate in the national competition that takes place in Washington D.C. Before this competition takes place, judges will determine the winner of the top place finisher of the A team at the Regional competition in February. This top place finisher will then travel to Washington D.C, hoping to bring back the win for the Science Bowl’s seventh national competition. However, before Regionals and Nationals takes place, practice and scrimmages have been held since the beginning of August in head sponsor Virginia Kundrat’s room, to prepare the A, B, and C team for a regional victory.
“The competition is getting closer and closer every day. So, it is very important that the members of all three teams show up to all of the weekly Wednesday and Thursday meetings.” said Kundrat. During these after school meetings and practices, which go until around 4:30, the students scrimmage and go over what a normal competition would look like. All of the competitions, consisting of invitationals, Regional, and National, use a buzzer style answer method. In order for the members to prepare for these scrimmage methods, they focus on screening during the practices, where different questions are tested to prepare them for the scientific fields they will soon be tested in.
A team member and president of Science Bowl, senior Kevin Liu, has been in this club ever since he was a freshman. He participates in extra meetings for practice outside of school with the other A team members, which are made up of junior Iris Yan, junior Tony Ou, senior Rithwik Palivela, and senior Ryan Zhang. “The purpose of these meetings is to practice as much as we can. It is highly important to due well in the Regional competition in order to make it to Nationals, while having fun at the same time.” said Liu. As Kundrat and the A team members shared, they believe that extra practice, even outside of the meetings, is the key to bringing home the Regional trophy, providing them with a higher chance of a national win. By Riley Hamilton