Muslim Student Association to plan dinners for Ramadan, end of school year

Ismail Aqeel, club officer and junior (back row, middle), talks with friends during some downtime at school. Aqeel said that he planned to have the MSA host dinners for both Ramadan and for the end of the school year, in an act of celebration. “I’m not sure when, however, I’m hoping to get something like that done,” he said.

April 29, 2018

Muslim Student Association (MSA) plans to hold a dinner for members in celebration of the end of the school year. According to club sponsor Theresa Lyons, MSA will most likely have the dinner in mid-to-late May. “We are most likely going to have a club dinner at the end of the year,” Lyons said. “...

Muslim Student Association to volunteer at Carmel Marathon, Food Bank

Ismail Aqeel, MSA officer and junior (third from left), stands with fellow members of the club during an outing near the city hall. Aqeel said that volunteering at local organizations in Carmel allows the MSA to help unite the community. “We want to make sure we are able to help in a positive manner,” he said.

March 27, 2018

Muslim Student Association (MSA) is scheduled to operate a booth at the upcoming Carmel Marathon on March 31. According to club sponsor Theresa Lyons, members will be supporting runners throughout the course of the race. “This event will basically be us at a booth,” Lyons said. “We will have...

Muslim Student Association to participate in fundraisers, food pantries

November 14, 2017

Muslim Student Association (MSA) is expected to continue hosting its various fundraisers for the Syrian refugee crisis through the next month. According to club sponsor Theresa Lyons, members have created collection boxes in her classroom for students to donate at any time. “We are asking for donations a...

Stopping the Stereotypes

Stopping the Stereotypes


August 16, 2016

When Omar Hindi, Muslim Student Alliance member and senior, and his family went out to the Original Pancake House for lunch a couple of weeks after school had ended last year, nothing distinguished them from other seemingly “American” customers around them. Nothing, that is, except for the hijab...