Movie theaters are dying, we shouldn't let them

Movie theaters are dying, we shouldn’t let them

August 24, 2020

Not too long ago it seemed rare to see a film premier on a streaming service of decent quality. For a while, oneself could be assured that a meme or two making fun of Netflix originals or adaptations would...

Various containers of hand sanitizer line the halls. Hand sanitizer, signs and other procedures items will line up the halls.

Q&A with principal Tom Harmas on school’s reopening

Aniket Biswal August 12, 2020

Principal Thomas Harmas How will hybrid-option students socially distance themselves while in the hallways? [Students] should not congregate in the hallways and continue to walk to wherever they...

The outside of the 10-12 counseling offices remains quiet with major construction finished and furniture inside waiting to be situated. Compared to its former position near the Senior hallway during the 2019-2020 school year, the 10-12 counseling department will be adjacent to the natatorium entrance starting Aug. 13.

Q&A with Joseph Schaller, Assistant Principal of Operations, about update in school construction plans

Valliei Chandrakumar August 2, 2020

  Joseph Schaller - Assistant Principal of Operations What is your role in preparing CHS for students’ return in August? I think it’s kind of a group effort among many of the assistant...

Q&A with students and employee over reopening

Q&A with students and employee over reopening

Daniel Kim July 6, 2020

Isabella Wan, Kizuki employee and rising junior Have you been able to go to work during this pandemic? If so, how do you feel about all the precautions your restaurant has been taking in order to ensure...

Athletics Director Jim Inskeep poses for a photo.

Q&A with Athletics Director Jim Inskeep on reopening of facilities

Leah Tan June 14, 2020

Jim Inskeep - Athletics Director What are our plans for athletics following the reopening of our facilities on June 30th? We are starting with opening our highschool activities on July 6th. There...

Holcomb’s 5-step plan is too soon for our state

Holcomb’s 5-step plan is too soon for our state

Maddie Kosc May 22, 2020

On Friday, May 1, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb announced his 5-stage plan to reopen businesses and public spaces throughout the state over the following 9 week period. This 5-stage “Back on Track”...

The State of the Fair: Events to be held  at reopened Coliseum

The State of the Fair: Events to be held at reopened Coliseum

entertainment August 13, 2014

The annual Indiana State Fair returned to Indianapolis on Aug. 1 and will end on Aug. 17, bringing with it both traditional and novel events and activities, one of which includes the re-opening of the...

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